Diseño y creación de nuevos jardines., Design and creation of new gardens, Centelys servicios de limpieza y mantenimiento

Discover Creativity in Garden Design

Garden design goes beyond randomly planting flowers and trees. It is a fusion of creativity, botanical knowledge and the ability to transform a space in harmony with nature.

  • Comprehensive Information: The content provides a complete view of the garden design and creation process, from initial consultation to maintenance, giving readers a detailed understanding of the service.
  • Client Focus: Highlights the importance of the initial consultation, ensuring that the garden design reflects the specific tastes and needs of each client.
  • 3D Visualization: Using 3D visualization technology helps clients imagine what their garden will look like before the creation process begins, allowing for adjustments and customizations based on their preferences.

  • Careful Selection of Plants and Materials: Emphasizes the importance of choosing plants and materials not only for their aesthetics, but also for their adaptability and durability, guaranteeing sustainable and visually attractive gardens.
  • Easy Maintenance: Highlights concern for practicality when designing gardens, offering scheduled maintenance services to ensure clients enjoy a beautiful outdoor space without compromising their time.
  • Aesthetics and Functionality: The combination of aesthetic and functional elements ensures that the gardens are not only visually attractive, but also practical and adaptable to the client’s needs.

Simple Maintenance for Lasting Beauty

We design gardens that are easy to maintain without compromising their beauty

Key Procedures

  • Personalized Initial Consultation: Begin the process with a detailed initial consultation where our designers sit down with clients to understand their tastes, needs and visions for the new garden.
  • Custom Design: We develop a detailed plan that includes key elements such as winding paths, seating areas and sculptures, creating a design that adapts to the lay of the land and maximizes harmony with the surrounding nature.
  • 3D Visualization: We use cutting-edge technology to provide clients with realistic 3D visualizations of their future garden, allowing them to explore and adjust the design before construction begins.
  • Plant and Material Selection: Our experts carefully choose plants and materials, considering not only aesthetics, but also adaptability to local climate, soil quality and sustainability, ensuring a lush and long-lasting garden.
  • Garden Construction: We implement the approved design, from soil preparation to the placement of key elements, ensuring that every detail conforms to the original plan.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: We offer scheduled maintenance services to ensure that the garden remains impeccable over time, allowing clients to enjoy their green oasis without worry.
  • Emphasis on Personal Story: We strive to create a garden that tells the personal story of each client, emotionally connecting with the outdoor space and turning it into a unique reflection of their tastes and experiences.
Diseño y creación de nuevos jardines., Design and creation of new gardens, Centelys servicios de limpieza y mantenimiento