Service quality and satisfaction guarantee

For Centelys, the quality of service and guarantee of satisfaction is fundamental and for this we take the necessary measures.

Our staff receives training courses related to the work they carry out (maintenance cleaning, industrial cleaning, soil treatments, end-of-work cleaning, gardening, irrigation, phytosanitary treatments, etc.)
All this to achieve the best results.

All maintenance work is periodically supervised to verify that the quality of the service and satisfaction guarantee that we are providing is what was agreed upon with our clients.
One-off jobs are also monitored before completion.

Control of presence of operators:
Among our means we have a system to control the presence of operators that tells us the entry and exit time of each worker in all the clients where we provide services. In this way we can control the punctuality and time of work carried out.

Occupational risks:
At Centelys we are very concerned about the safety of our staff and that of the clients where we provide services. That is why we take great care to avoid possible accidents, scrupulously complying with safety regulations and training our staff in prevention measures and occupational risks. Carrying out timely coordination with our clients and providing them with all the documentation that they request from us in this regard.

Calidad, Quality, Centelys servicios de limpieza y mantenimiento
limpieza industrial
Calidad, Quality, Centelys servicios de limpieza y mantenimiento

Our quality of certifications

Oca Global ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 certification is an international standard that governs environmental management systems. This certification demonstrates our commitment to protecting the environment through sustainable and responsible practices. At Centelys, this standard translates into a series of actions and policies focused on reducing the ecological footprint of our operations.

We implement work practices that minimize environmental impact, such as the use of ecological cleaning products and efficient waste management. In addition, we actively promote environmental awareness among our employees and customers. With ISO 14001, we ensure that our operations not only comply with current environmental legislation, but also contribute positively to the well-being of the planet.

Our quality of certifications 2

Oca Global ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard that establishes the criteria for a quality management system. This certification certifies that at Centelys we have developed and implemented a management system that ensures coherence and continuous improvement in the quality of our services.

This system allows us to monitor and manage quality in all areas of our company, from the selection and training of our staff to the execution of our services and customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 certification is a guarantee for our clients that we are committed to excellence and continuous improvement, ensuring that each service we provide meets the highest quality standards.

ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications are essential for Centelys, as they reflect our commitment to quality, efficiency, sustainability and environmental responsibility. These standards are the pillar of our business strategy and allow us to offer our clients services of the highest quality, while respecting our environment. At Centelys, we are proud of these certifications and the work we do every day to earn them.

Calidad, Quality, Centelys servicios de limpieza y mantenimiento
Calidad, Quality, Centelys servicios de limpieza y mantenimiento


CENTELYS’ activity is focused on the provision of cleaning services. The growing evolution of CENTELYS has led to new commitments and with them new challenges for the future. Without a doubt, the most important challenge for the near future is to maintain over time an integrated quality and environmental management system based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standards, whose scope are the following:

  • 9001:2015 “Cleaning services in different market sectors”
  • 14001:2015 “Cleaning services in different market sectors”

CENTELYS, aware of the importance of satisfying all the requirements of its clients, adopts the following commitments in its policy:

  • Achieve the quality requirements demanded by its clients, establishing the appropriate means of communication to know their explicit and implicit needs and the degree of satisfaction with the services provided as well as comply with the legal requirements that apply, as well as others that may be applicable. acquire voluntarily.

  • Act in accordance with national and provincial environmental regulations, for the prevention of pollution in all operations and activities, in order to continually improve our operations and activities to protect the environment.

  • Maintain a high degree of innovation and quality in the development and provision of its services, acquiring a constant commitment to continuous improvement.

  • Identify and evaluate significant environmental aspects, determining those that have or may have negative impacts on the environment, that can be controlled and those that can be influenced within the defined scope of the Comprehensive Management System.

Calidad, Quality, Centelys servicios de limpieza y mantenimiento
Calidad, Quality, Centelys servicios de limpieza y mantenimiento
  • Maintain an adequate relationship with its suppliers to achieve adequate quality in the products and services provided, as well as improving the effectiveness of the company’s processes. Communication and demands with suppliers will always be the maximum required.

  • Establish appropriate training programs for all company employees, in accordance with the needs of their job and the training gaps detected.

  • Promote awareness among all employees about the importance of collaboration of all functions involved in achieving the company’s purposes and compliance with Quality and Environmental Objectives, granting roles and responsibilities to each worker, the who will also be aware of the objectives established in the Comprehensive Management System.

  • Provide the company with the necessary resources to be able to comply with this Integrated Management Policy and the achievement of the Objectives derived from it, as well as solid Leadership consistent with the quality philosophy acquired over the years. .