Limpiezas industriales., Industrial cleaning, Centelys servicios de limpieza y mantenimiento

Machinery cleaning

Our team of experts uses the most advanced techniques and specific products for each type of machinery, guaranteeing a deep cleaning without compromising the integrity of your equipment. From the food industry to manufacturing, machine shops and chemical plants, there is no task too big or small for us.

  • Industrial Areas: Factories, warehouses, and hangars.
  • Shops: Stores, supermarkets and shopping centers.
  • Health Centers: Hospitals and clinics, where hygiene is crucial.

Trust Centelys to clean your machinery

We ensure optimal maintenance of your equipment. Find out how we can help you achieve operational excellence by contacting us today.

Main advantages

Our industrial cleaning services are designed to minimize downtime, maximize the efficiency of your machinery and extend its life, all while helping you comply with the strictest hygiene and safety regulations.

  • Maximization of Operational Efficiency: With Centelys, your machinery will always operate at its maximum performance. Our cleaning services remove debris and obstructions that can slow down production, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. This results in faster production cycles and an increase in overall productivity.

  • Prolonging the Life of Machinery: The accumulation of dirt and grease not only affects the current performance of your equipment, but can also cause long-term wear and damage. Centelys professional cleaning significantly reduces this risk, extending the life of your machinery and protecting your investment.

  • Compliance with Safety and Health Regulations:Maintaining a clean work environment is crucial to comply with strict safety and hygiene regulations. Centelys ensures that your machinery and work spaces not only comply with these regulations, but also promote a safe environment for your employees, avoiding accidents and related health problems.
  • Long-Term Cost Reduction: Investing in Centelys cleaning services can mean considerable savings. By avoiding unscheduled downtime, costly repairs and premature equipment replacement, our services become an investment that significantly reduces long-term operating expenses.
Limpiezas industriales., Industrial cleaning, Centelys servicios de limpieza y mantenimiento